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Sharon Hurley Hall

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Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional writer and blogger. Her work has been published on OptinMonster, CrazyEgg, GrowthLab, Unbounce, OnePageCRM and Mirasee. Connect with Sharon on Twitter @shurleyhall

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Book Planning with WorkFlowy: Self Publishing Case Study ...

Today, I want to talk about content – specifically, planning the content of my ebook. Many writers swear by mind-mapping as a brainstorming and planning tool. That’s never worked that well for me (which probably says something about the way my mind works). Ever since I started writing professionally, as a magazine writer and editor, I’ve used lists.

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Ebook Research: Self Publishing Case Study | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : Last time, I talked about the writing process for my revised self-published ebook, but there was one question still remaining: when should y[..]

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Ghostwriting: Does It Matter If You Don't Get The Credit ...

Blog post at Authopublisher : Many of you know me as a writer and blogger, but did you know about my ghostwriting? As well as several of my own e-books, I have written bo[..]

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Google+ For Writers and Self-Publishers, Redux | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : Are you still wondering what to do with Google+? The recent launch of business pages probably hasn't helped your confusion any. But as I sai[..]

How Self Publishers Can Make the Most of Google+ | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : Is Google+ going to change the self publishing game? In the past couple of days, a few high profile bloggers have stopped blogging and poin[..]

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Kindle Touch Review | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : My new Kindle Touch has made me fall in love with the Kindle all over again. I've already written about why self-publishers can't afford to [..]

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The Writing Process - Self Publishing Case Study | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : How do you write? Last week, I shared my planning process for the ebook I'm updating. This week, I'd like to talk about the writing process.[..]

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Thinking About Ebook Design: Self Publishing Case Study ...

Blog post at Authopublisher : Last month I outlined some of the self-publishing mistakes I'd made which I plan to avoid this time. And today's the day I'm starting. First[..]

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Time To Get Started with Kindle Publishing | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : If you're not publishing on the Kindle yet, it's definitely time to start. It's such an easy process that there's no excuse for not making y[..]

Why I'm Betting on Kindle for Self Publishing | Authopublisher

Blog post at Authopublisher : There's been a lot of press about Amazon's recent launch of several new Kindle editions. While the devices themselves are interesting, what'[..]