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Sharon Hurley Hall

Pro freelance writer/blogger

Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional writer and blogger. Her work has been published on OptinMonster, CrazyEgg, GrowthLab, Unbounce, OnePageCRM and Mirasee. Connect with Sharon on Twitter @shurleyhall

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10 Tips on using Google's Universal Analytics

We love Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) because it’s giving us some insights we just weren’t getting before. So we set out to find some recent tips to help us – and you – understand the power of this new tool.

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3 Types of Analytics to Better Understand Web Users

Analytics is a great tool for improving the relationship between content and design, but that’s not all it’s good for. Analytics data can also help you focus on the people who matter most and understand how they interact with your website and content.

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4 Ways a Good Website Can Help Your Real Estate Business Stand ...

4 Ways a Good Website Can Help Your Real Estate Bus...

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5 Advantages of Mobile Adapted Content Delivery

Many businesses see the advent of the mobile web as a huge challenge, but done right, it’s a huge opportunity.

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5 Features to Look for in a Great CMS - Moveable Online

Managing a business site is different from running a hobby blog. Your customers expect reliability and consistency – and that’s where a content management system (CMS) can help.

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5 Things You Can Do Today to Make Users Love Your Website

Usability is about ease of use and the user experience (UX) while on your site . Here are five actions you can take today.

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5 Ways your Customers Benefit from Hybrid Mobile Apps

With mobile apps, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. When developing an app for your customers you have three choices:

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7 Advantages of Using a CMS to Run Your Site - Moveable Online

Using a content management system (CMS) to power yo...

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7 Key Features for a Successful Professional Association Website ...

7 Key Features for a Successful Professional Associ...

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7 Resources for Planning Your Social Media Strategy

The latest statistics from Pew Internet show that 73% of online adults use social media regularly. How do you get them to pay attention to what your company offers? It’s all about the strategy,

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7 Resources to Help You Create a Content Strategy

We’ve compiled some of the best resources we can find to help you create a content strategy.

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7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Business More Effective Online

You can't escape it – your business has to be online but it's not just enough to be there, you also have to be effective. Here are 7 actions to take to help you do that.

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8 Benefits of Managing Social Publishing Through Your CMS

Wouldn’t it be easier to manage your social media publishing calendar via your content management system (CMS)? We think it would, and here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.

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8 Reasons to Use an Editorial Calendar for Publishing - Moveable ...

Take it from us: using an integrated online editorial calendar beats writing everything down on paper or shuffling around a lot of sticky notes. Here are some of the benefits you can gain by managing content publishing via an editorial calendar.

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9 Resources on Voice Search

It’s not perfect, but the age of the Star Trek computer is here.